Living Sustainably Within a Living System (00:49:29)
This exploration of sustainability is based on an understanding of Earth as a living system of which human beings are a seamless continuum. Through this “lens,” our behavior and “cultural narrative” emerge as central to the nature and ecology of our planet and to our ability to consciously design sustainable ways of living. The interview integrates energy, economics and other “usual suspects” in the sustainability discussion with cultural ideas of meaning, limits and “what is enough.” The term “Geo sapiens” – Earth-wise Human – is posited as a phrase to help us think in these integrated ways.

Interview Sections

  • What is Efficiency: A New Story (00:02:48)
    How is it that while becoming more efficient we can end up using more energy? Our existing cultural narratives drive us to use our gains from efficiency to produce more.
  • Why Gaia? (00:01:58)
    Much of “Gaian” science is now part of “Earth System Science” taught in universities and some high schools. Why should the term “Gaia” be retained?
  • Time to Play
    How does play fit in with the quest for sustainability? Can we let our minds and bodies play rather than being driven to produce more? What is enough?

Video Clips About Particular Aspects of Gaia
Edited by Simone Forhman

Potomac Overlook Documentary
The World in 70 Acres – This 25 minute video is about the history, activities and philosophy of Potomac Overlook Regional Park, just outside of Washington, D.C.

Other Videos