Geo sapiens, which literally means “Earth Wise,” is a new way to conceptualize ourselves as a seamless continuum of a living planet. “Geo” is familiar as the prefix for disciplines of science and math, but it derives from “Ge” or “Gaia,” the ancient Greek Goddess of Earth. Learn more in this intro video.

As Geo sapiens, we can enter a “Gaia Paradigm” – the confluence between scientific understandings of Earth as a living system with cultural understandings (ancient and new) of human society as a seamless continuum of that system.
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An extensive reading list and two books by Martin Ogle inspired by the interconnected web of all existence.

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Essays & Articles

A series of short stories and academic essays with material ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

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Links and Earth Images

A list of links to websites that discuss Gaia Theory or other concepts related to Earth as a living system.

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