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This story, while fictitious, is inspired by a speech given by Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic, at Independence Hall on July 4, 1994, on the occasion of his being presented the Philadelphia Liberty Medal. The paragraph noted by the asterisk is a very close paraphrase of a portion of Mr. Havel’s speech. His entire speech can be found in the July 8, 1994, New York Times OP-ED section.

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This paper was written by Martin Ogle for a conference of the North American Association for Environment Education in 2004, when Mr. Ogle worked as the Chief Naturalist for the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority. Martin has recently founded Entrepreneurial Earth LLC, a mindset conducive to the practical development of sustainable and thriving human culture.

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Excerpts from “Gaia in Turmoil; Climate Change, Biodepletion, and Earth Ethics in an Age of Crisis”: An edited volume with contributions from scientists, educators, historians and more (including chapter by Martin Ogle).

View: Chapter 3, “How the Biosphere Works” by Tyler Volk View: Chapter 16, “Gaia Theory: Model and Metaphor for the 21st Century” by Martin Ogle

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Gaia – An Ancient Myth Awakens Through Science!
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